Take a stroll through history in the merchant city of Matsusaka!

Visit Matsusaka City for a day trip and go on a walking tour while wearing a kimono made from Matsusaka cotton. Visit a prominent merchant’s former residence, explore the Matsusaka Castle Ruins and see one of Japan’s largest Edo Period samurai residences.

Type of Trip
Day Trip
Type of Transportation
Public transportation


Your day will begin at a refurbished and modern guesthouse that welcomes visitors with warm Matsusaka hospitality. The knowledgeable staff will help you change into an attractive and comfortable kimono made from high quality indigo-dyed Matsusaka cotton.
You will be wearing a similar style of kimono that was popular in the Edo Period and helped many Matsusaka merchants become wealthly business owners. Once you are dressed appropriately, head out into the streets and immerse yourself in Matsusaka’s history.

  • Utsukushiya

Former Ozu Residence

After a leisurely stroll through the streets lined with Edo Period merchant buildings that were constructed over 300 years ago, you will arrive at the former residence of a successful local family. The Ozu fortune was built by selling “washi” (traditional paper) and they became one of the wealthiest families in Japan at that time.
Inside, you will tour rooms that have been painstakingly preserved and are minimally furnished to allow visitors to freely move about. The home has many special features including sliding doors that open onto the manicured gardens that surround the building.

  • Former Ozu Residence

Matsusaka Castle Ruins

Your next stop will be at the sprawling ruins of Matsusaka Castle. The castle itself was destroyed long ago by a typhoon, but its impressive walls still stand. Move around the ruins in your kimono and make your way to the top for a wonderful view of Matsusaka City.
The skill of the Edo Period engineers is evident in the stone steps and walls that have remained in place for around 400 years. You will feel the history of the area as you explore this spot that was named a National Historic Site by the Government of Japan in 2011.

  • Matsusaka Castle Ruins

Gojouban Yashiki

The final stop on your Matsusaka tour will be one of the largest samurai residences from the Edo Period. You may even get to meet some descendants of the samurai who guarded the castle because some of them live there today and take care of the site’s preservation.
The Gojouban Yashiki was designated as a National Important Cultural Property in 2004 and you will understand why as you walk around the grounds and marvel at the ancient gardens, storehouse and a living unit that has been restored to its original condtion from the Edo Period.

  • Gojouban Yashiki