Be amazed by the treasures of the sea in Mie!

Take a day trip to Mie and refresh your spirit while surrounded by the natural beauty of the seaside. You can interact with friendly sea creatures, see the famous Meoto Iwa, enjoy incredibly fresh seafood and make your own pearl accessory as a keepsake.

Type of Trip
Day Trip
Type of Transportation
Public transportation

Ise Sea Paradise Aquarium

Enjoy an interactive experience that will delight children and adults alike. The walrus show brings the friendly giants out from behind the glass to perform for guests and pose for photos. When you stop at the dolphin tank, don’t be surprised if one of the intelligent creatures wants to play a game of catch with you.
Shake hands with a clever little otter after its show and make sure to say hi to the cute penguins that call the aquarium home. After you have explored every area, stop by the large gift shop and pick out a special souvenir to take home.

  • Ise Sea Paradise Aquarium

Meoto Iwa

After visiting the aquarium, head down the road a short distance to see the famous Meoto Iwa, which is often referred to as “the wedded rocks”. The often photographed rocks represent a married couple and are connected by a thick straw rope.
The pathway to the viewing area passes by Futami Okitama Shrine and worshippers can be seen praying for good fortune during their visit. From May to July, arriving early can reward visitors with a view of the sun rising between the rocks that have stayed together in the ocean for thousands of years.

  • Meoto Iwa

bus : 30 min 


When you are ready to get some lunch and try the delicious seafood delicacies of Mie, it is only a 30-minute bus ride to Ebimaru, a family-friendly restaurant in Okage Yokocho that specializes in local seafood dishes.
Ebimaru was constructed in the style of a traditional fisherman’s house and a picture of an “Ise Ebi” (spiny lobster) over the door greets guests when they arrive. The fisherman’s miso soup is very popular and there are always seasonal options on the menu. The lunch specials are great value for the money and there is plenty of seating.

  •  Ebimaru

bus : 30 min 

Mieken Shinju

Before heading back to the big city from your seaside day trip, you can stop at Mieken Shinju and make your own pearl accessory to take with you. The experts at this pearl specialty store are ready to share their knowledge of the Mie pearl industry with visitors.
When you are ready to get creative, your host will guide you through the process of making your own unique keepsake from your visit to Mie. You will remove a lustrous pearl from a local Akoya oyster, polish it to perfection and mount it on a piece of jewellery.

  • Mieken Shinju