Tsu Airport Line: A high-speed solution for travelling to Mie Prefecture!

Tsu Airport Line: A high-speed solution for travelling to Mie Prefecture!

When you visit Mie Prefecture via Chubu Centrair International Airport, you are probably thinking about taking the train through Nagoya and then down through Mie Prefecture. But why not take the Tsu Airport Line, a high-speed ferry that runs directly from the Centrair to the port in Tsu?

The Tsu Airport Line takes only 45 minutes from port to port. That’s less than HALF the time it takes to go by the express train! And one-third the time if you took a local train!

Not only that, but it costs less! For only 1260 yen, you can get to Tsu for about 33% to 50% cheaper than the train! Faster AND cheaper!

If I said, “But wait! There’s more!” would it sound like a cheap TV commercial?

But there IS more! Instead of watching an endless display of houses, factories and other buildings, you can enjoy watching boats go by, take in the cityscapes that line the bay, as well as the mountains that stretch from Yokkaichi and Inabe down south to Matsusaka, Ise and Kumano. You can do all of this while cruising across the Ise Bay! It’s definitely a more scenic route than the train!


From Terminal 1, the area for most domestic and international arrivals and departures, take the inclined walkway to the Access Plaza. Directly ahead of you, you will see the Access Plaza Information desk. If you go around and past that, you will see signs for the “High Speed Boat Pick-up Zone”.

Pass through these doors and keep going straight. More signs will guide you down a long access corridor with moving sidewalks going in both directions.

When you get to the end of the corridor, you will see this sign for the Comfort Hotel. Don’t turn left. Just take the stairs leading straight down to the docks.

Or take the elevators which will be on your right.

When you exit the elevators on the ground floor, go to the right, and you will come out to the same place the stairs lead to.

Just on your right, there is a small building where you can purchase tickets for the ferry. The ferry departs just about every hour, on the hour, but with reduced times in the winter season. For details on departure times and group discounts, please see this website:

At peak times, this ferry is quite popular - and sometimes seating is sold out! Tickets will guarantee you a seat, but not a specific seat, so get in line early if you are picky. Boarding starts 10 minutes before departure.

The main cabin is quite spacious, and you’ll find it easy to move about. Some areas have 10 seats across, some less. There are restrooms in the back, as well as a luggage storage area by the entrance so you shouldn’t need to squeeze it in between your seat and the one in front of you.

If you want a little luxury, you can ride in the VIP lounge for a small surcharge. It’s a great way to enjoy the view and chat with the other members in your group!

You may notice illustrations of a few ninjas on the boat’s exterior. You will also see them on a chart entitled “How to put on a life jacket” - which is good information in the very unlikely event you would need one. Why ninjas, you ask? Mie Prefecture is the ancient home to ninjas, and there are legends that say the ninja could run quickly across water. 

The boat engine makes a deep rumbling sound, but it’s pretty smooth. It’s similar to riding an airplane but without the uncomfortable air pressure changes - or body checks. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! This is a good time to review your plans for Tsu, Matsusaka and other towns you will visit during your stay in Mie. After slowly backing away from the dock, the ferry will leave the port and gradually climb to a top speed of about 56 kph.

Soon, you will arrive at the Tsu port. Inside, there is a large area map on the wall, and you will find sightseeing information on shelves below it.

Just outside is the bus loading area, as well as a taxi loading spot. Buses are scheduled to depart shortly after the boats arrive, so be sure not to miss it.
Click here for the bus schedule


Adjacent to the main parking area you will find Bay Sea Sky, a small dining complex.
There are drink vending machines on board in case you don’t have time to stop at a shop.

And right next door is the Passenger Boat Terminal Building. Here you can purchase tickets for the ferry. There is also a waiting area and restroom for your convenience.

When you go inside, you’ll see the NINJA high speed boat sign and know that you’re in the right place.

You can wait inside, or outside by the dock, if you like. Just be sure to stay behind the line when the dock is roped off. Boarding starts 10 minutes before departure.

The waiting area is kept quite warm during the winter season, so be sure not to fall asleep and miss the boarding and departure announcements!

Nearly 45 minutes after you depart from the Tsu port, you’ll see the Chubu Centrair International Airport come into view.

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